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The Game

Welcome to the digital chalkboard where my regular gaming group posts about the games we play every week.

Exalted - Various Exalted ideas, including:

Thirst - The upcoming amalgamated game set in the deserts of the South

Dark Waters - The title of the current western Solar game, which began December 20, 2008. A Solar Exalted chronicle, using 2nd edition rules, and running simultaneous, sharing timelines with the Far Shores and Hundred Kingdoms chronicles. The in-game start date was the month of Resplendent Air in the Realm Year 768. Players' characters conquered the Wyld-tainted Indigo Chain and are engaged in war with Skullstone.

Far Shores - A Dragon-Blooded Exalted chronicle, which concluded on December 13, 2008. The game began in June 2005 with a handful of young Dragon-Blooded seizing a First Age vessel stolen by agents of the Mask of Winters and ended with the players returning the Scarlet Empress to Creation, for the second time. Okay, the first time it was Vengeance in Scarlet Regalia.

Hundred Kingdoms - A Solar Exalted chronicle, set in the Hundred Kingdoms, this game ran from early Realm Year 768 to Descending Earth 769, and its events were concurrent with those from the same time period of the other chronicles. This chronicle used 1st edition rules. In the real world, this particular game started approximately March 2004 and came to a stop in June 2005.

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