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This is Unofficial Errata for the Exalted Second Edition. Conrad Hubbard is one of the writer's for the new core book, but technically nothing here is official until the developer (John Chambers) says so. For official errata go here.



Mask of Winters - Add Lore 10 to his Abilities.

Orchid-Consuming Guardian - This Infernal is detailed in the Malfeas book. I think we should change his Unwoven Coadjutor to a gallmau. Sulumor already has an agata, and gallmau are descended from She Who Lives in Her Name which fits his Defiler Caste with a Pyrian Urge better. Also, the bright glow of his blue crystal armor fits the blazing blue-white tongue of a gallmau. He also has none of the beauty of an agata.


Swims in Shadows - Character sheet seems too young


Jewel of the Hungry Fire

Lunar Charms

Flowing Body Evasion should say "Duration: Instant" and should only dodge a "single attack of which she is aware." Actually, this one is Official Errata, as it was approved by the developer John Chambers, and I posted it to the White Wolf forum.

Negative Dice Pools

One reading of the rules suggests that even if you rack up so many penalties that you have negative 999 dice in your action's dice pool then spending a single point of Willpower automatically turns all of that into one net positive success (as might any other method of generating successes, such as the ubiquitous Second Excellency). I think it is better to say that negative dice count against bonus dice at a rate of 1 to 1, and against bonus successes at a rate of 2 to 1, and only then to see if any bonus successes or dice remain. Specifically, I feel that not doing so cheats the guy who actually had the skill not to be dumped into the negatives in the first place.

  • Eighth Attack Mayhem - A scenario that demonstrates some of my issues with not trading out negative dice.
  • Infinite Rate Weapons - High rate weapons can cause the Eighth Attack Mayhem situation I describe, but infinite rate weapons are the ones that seem to concern most people.

I spoke to Michael A. Goodwin (Neph), the author of the section which contains the Order of Modifiers rules, and he says that he did not intend for the Order of Modifiers rules to allow a single bonus success to wipe out an unlimited number of negative dice. He says "common sense is supposed to guide interpretation of the rules. As worded, they appear to allow the -100 dice + 1 success = 1 success ruling, which is a clear sign I screwed up. Sorry."

Solar Charms

Armored Scout's Invigoration - Raise the Essence requirement to 3.

Friendship with Animals Approach - Change the Prerequisite Charms to "None".

Iron Kettle Body - Give this Charm the Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious.

Wound-Mending Care Technique (Medicine Charm) - Fix the following two sentences to read (changes in italics): This Charm replaces the normal benefits of medical care, instead allowing the target to recover a number of lethal or bashing health levels equal to the number of successes at the end of the treatment. If the target spends the day resting, the target recovers a number of additional lethal and bashing health levels equal to the Solar's permanent Essence at the end of the day. (As a note, this errata is per Rebecca Borgstrom, upon questioning by Michael Goodwin, upon Conrad Hubbard questioning Michael Goodwin as to the validity of the Medicine tree as written. The developer John Chambers has given verbal approval to this particular errata recently, but I haven't gotten the opportunity to include it in a new official download.)


Speed is an issue which I discussed with Michael Goodwin before the core Exalted Second Edition book released publicly. Arguably the system gets weird when people manage to get Speed of 2 (which ti think can probably be done with a starting Dragon-Blooded character), but certainly it doesn't work well if people gain Speed of 1. I proposed the following fix for this, although it has not been incorporated in any official errata:

Minimum Speed - Speed may not be reduced below 3. For each point that an effect would have reduced Speed below 3, the user instead gains +1 Rate.

In a sense, the light version of the Glorious Solar Saber is the ultimate expression of this idea.

UPDATE: The official errata for this is out, and instead they went with something like, "Speed cannot be lowered below 3 unless some effect explicitly says that it can do so."

Spirit Charms

I should probably discuss other Charm thoughts related to spirits, but so far Principle of Motion is the one that has mostly occupied my attention in their regard.

Principle of Motion

Various issues with the core book writeup of the Principle of Motion Charm were initially addressed by the official errata, but the Charm was subsequently rewritten in the Rolls of Glorious Divinity 1, p.144.

Previously, I felt that the changes didn't go far enough, and I proposed further changes in one of my drafts since then. Basically, I thought the Charm needed to have the Combo-Basic keyword added, and it needed a restriction similar to its 1st edition ruleset. Although the Charm might still allow you to bank a number of actions equal to your Willpower, you might perhaps not be able to actually draw forth more than your Valor in extra actions per flurry action. Also, if an Eclipse or Moonshadow manages to learn the Charm, it should permanently function at the Willpower and Essence of the spirit from which he learned it at the time he learned it. As the Charm is Indefinite in duration, it already forces the user to commit the Essence.

In a recent forum discussion, however, I reached a new conclusion. Somebody questioned whether the Charm actually let you ignore Rate. I pointed out the wording of the Charm, in the sense that it references the Solar Charm Peony Blossom Attack. This proved my point about Rate, but rereading it made me realize that the Charm potentially already included a limit on how many actions you take. The Solar Charm that is mentioned as a guideline limits you to a number of extra actions equal to your (Essence+1). Unlike my Valor suggestion, this would typically hamper combat spirits as much as non-combat spirits. It would have the really thematic effect of making Principle of Motion work better for more powerful spirits, though. The more I think about this, the more I like it.

Suture of the Perfected Heart

Suture of the Perfected Heart is a missing spell mentioned on page 83 of The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. II: The West.

Tattoo Artifact

Thoughts about the Tattoo Artifact and its errata

War Charm Oddities

Not "errata" per se, this is a discussion of an oddity the Solar War Charms introduce, particularly War Essence Flow.

Wyld Shaping

A discussion of proposed changes to Wyld Shaping and its various equivalents.

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