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Echeneis is my proposed name for a concept I was working on for my Exalted game. Basically, I like how much detail has been given to the military court of Ahlat, but it seems that those of the other war gods have received less love. In particular, I was working on ideas for gods who are part of the war camp of Siakal, unique individuals above the ranks of her divine shark children.

Echeneis is the god of remora, and long served in the Bureau of Nature. During the Great Contagion, when the Bureau of Nature suffered terrible disorder due to the cataclysmic destruction of wide swathes of Creation, many gods of the Bureaus of Nature and Humanity were absorbed by the Bureau of Heaven. Echeneis was fortunate that his domain was not destroyed by the Contagion and the subsequent Fair Folk invasion. However, he saw an opportunity to increase his power, and he willingly joined with Siakal during that period of divine transfers. Since then, he has been a sycophant and has mastered the political art of metaphorically trailing in her wake and gorging upon the scraps she leaves behind.


God of Remora, The Shipholder

Echeneis is a god of the Third Rank.

Sanctum: Echeneis gave up his official office in the Bureau of Nature, although he continues to administer his former domain from a small office within Siakal's wing of the Bureau of Heaven's Division of Warfare. He is also a periodic visitor to the bloody waters of her immense personal sanctum.

Motivation: To scavenge a comfortable existence from the remains of conflict.

Notes for Character Creation

Echeneis has Charms related to his domain, the remora. He has a Martial Arts specialty in hold clinches (i.e. the non-damaging clinch). He has a Charm which slows a ship (this is ripped right out of real world myth). Politically, he does not get along well with the various ship gods.

First (Ability) Excellency—Bureaucracy, Martial Arts, Ride, Sail

Bread of the Weak Spirit—Echeneis sometimes consumes those who fall prey to the wrath of Siakal or her children

Materialize—XX motes

Measure the Wind—Echeneis is careful to know the power of those around him

Paralyze—The Shipholder's version of this Charm is Stackable and has a duration of one scene. The Charm reduces the Move Speed of a waterborne vehicle or creature by his Essence provided he is physically attached to it.

Shapechange—The god can take the form of any species of remora, but may not pose as a specific individual.

More later...

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