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A planned Exalted chronicle, which uses 2nd edition rules, and operates in simultaneous, shared timelines with the Far Shores and Hundred Kingdoms chronicles. Began in the Realm Year 768.

Active characters: The created Person of the Air Ky Aria, the tiger warrior Shepherd of the Lost, the once-deaf prophet Togire Oarman, the Handmaiden of Akashic Harmony, and the Eclipse sorceress Sheevawn Lockheart.

Deceased characters: One of the players created a character Iron Heart Lover, who was an Eastern criminal who first joined the Guild and then the Tya, but only played her a couple of sessions before being forced into a hiatus by real life. That character was killed in battle with the Fair Folk, and the Essence passed to Shepherd of the Lost. The Dawn pirate who hunted Lintha, Ebon Surf Chaser, was killed by the Lintha pirate Ronkevool. The Eclipse who works for the Censor of the West, Whispering Crow, was killed by Ebon in hot blood (limit break!).



The island nation of Ceryle is a Realm satrapy with a relatively weak Realm presence, but not a negligible one. I picked a location sandwiched in a triangle between the Neck, the Coral Archipelago and Skullstone. There has to be a reason it is still independent of those three powers. Most viable reasons would serve to make it more attractive to the Realm, and thus more likely to be a satrapy. This is especially true when one considers the satrapy status of the Neck despite its low resources and the intentional counterpoint of Coral as a possible threat.

The Satrap

Ragara Sharban is an Earth Aspect chosen for his ability to organize others to be as resistant to outsiders as he is resistant to outside forces himself. My thought is that Sharban was assigned to the position because he wanted it, and because he is attractive enough that he at least caught the eye of Banoba. He potentially imagines using his position to somehow conquer Coral and thereby bring new territory to the Realm and gain control of a more powerful satrapy, perhaps even a household for himself.

The Naval Commander

A Peleps Water Aspect. The reasons for this option in a western game are pretty obvious, but I worry it is too predictable. Runs the base here largely as a long mission supply depot.


Westgate is the name of the capital city of Ceryle, the island nation where I launched the western Solar game.

Indigo Chain

The Indigo Chain islands were largely lost to the chaos of the Wyld when the Great Contagion struck. Canonical information about their past can be found in Dreams of the First Age, and there is a brief mention of them in the Compass of Terrestrial Directions, vol.2 The West. As usual, we will not be repeating copyrighted material here, and will instead focus on the changes and revelations from our own creation and our own games.

In the Dark Waters game, the Solar characters of the players learned that the Guild wanted to explore these islands, as they came into contact with the Tya Guild member, Iron Heart Lover. They have traveled to the islands by heading due west from Cormorant, and are currently engaged in early explorations. Already there seems to be activity by some sort of death knight, which seems to have started very recently. The island where they landed shows many signs of Wyld taint, but is mysteriously not completely overrun. According to the citizens of the villages they encountered, the Wyld has been pushed back by the Aurelian Minister's efforts. In the January 10th, 2009 session, the player's characters met the Aurelian Minister.


The chronicle has charted the conflicts between the Kingdoms of the Sun (and their Solar rulers) against neighboring Fair Folk and the nation of Skullstone. Deeds great and terrible have been wrought upon the western isles and the high sea.

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