Convention on Oversight

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The Convention on Oversight is an idea introduced in the Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals. As usual, I don't plan to post any of that information here. This page is for discussion of my own game's ideas and notes about Oversight.

The Three and Oversight

Three lesser maidens attend to the needs of Fate, supplementing the designs and power of the Five Maidens. They do so because it is their destiny one day to take a place alongside their elder sisters. These three maidens are Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. In all ways they are less than the Five Maidens, but their stars are also invisible to the eyes of man. So it is that they act as Oversight, sharing the destiny of the Five Maidens but unknown to the world.

Potentially the Three can work together to perform spirit Charms that mimic Of Truths Best Unspoken and Of Things Desired and Feared. Perhaps they must work together to do anything of particular note, because their time has not yet truly come and until it does they may merely utilize the servants and instruments of the Five Maidens to ensure that it eventually comes to pass.

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