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Eh. We might suffer scrutiny from outside, but let's find some purpose for this page, too. Please use the Sandbox page to learn how the layout codes work and to test things, and check the pages linked from Help for, well, help.


Want to support the site?

Hm, I suppose if somebody wants to send me money, I am not going to turn it down, but I'm not really set up to be any kind of non-profit group or anything. You could order some of the books I have worked on writing or helped with design, which would potentially help me indirectly. I've got a growing list of them here: Conrad's Wiki:Site support

Current Events

We have a Current events page. I'd like to encourage the group to contribute stuff and if it is story event type stuff, then to link to it on the current events page..

Character Information

Post details of your backstory, histories of your Artifacts, answers to the "20 questions" from character creation, etc. Whatever adds "life" to your character.

Recent Changes

You can keep up with what we are each posting by checking the Recent changes page. Please note that I am using a special Wiki mod that routinely eliminates all "history" of posts, excepting the most recent one. Thus, each post shows only the most up to date version, without clogging the database up with old versions.

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