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In the Dark Waters chronicle, the Aurelian Minister is a golden automaton who has run the so-called Kingdoms of the Sun on the largest island of the Indigo Chain for approximately 200 years. He bears a powerful Hearthstone which is hateful to the Fair Folk, and has spent two centuries purging the kingdoms of Wyld-taint. The people of the Kingdoms of the Sun believe that the Aurelian Minister is one of the Solar Exalted, returned to save them after untold years of calamity. The players have discovered that he was repaired by a secretive inner order of the island nation's priesthood of the Unconquered Sun, who now maintain him. This order, currently lead by Gilded Torch, controls the largest reserves of recovered First Age lore on the island, and carefully teaches new apprentices to take their places in order to ensure the continuance of the Aurelian Minister.

The Aurelian Minister is seemingly composed of an orichalcum-steel alloy, and bears an ancient orichalcum daiklave. His chestplate bears a large eight pointed sun-star symbol on it, at the center of which lies the Hearthstone of the palace of Irontooth, which appears to be a nugget of iron or iron ore.

Dark Waters timeline

Obviously, the appearance of the players' characters has disrupted things. Now there are more Solars, and Gilded Torch's order knows that these are the real things. It seems just a matter of time before the people of the Kingdoms of the Sun discover the truth. What will happen then?

The Aurelian Minister was wrecked by the god Little Beam, who took him for blasphemy, in the season of Earth 769 Realm Year (fix this by inserting the precise date). The Minister received a public funeral led by the Zenith Togire Oarman. However, only his "ashes" were displayed, alongside those of two of the palace guard that were slain during Little Beam's assault. In reality, the Minister's automaton body lies in wrecked state, hidden in the palace of Irontooth, awaiting the efforts of Togire and Gilded Torch to reverse engineer whatever remains.

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