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Hey, folks, this is the old layout for my site. It still has lots of good stuff, but it is non-dynamic in nature.

Poems of Pain
When the future folds into a thousand origami beasts
it bends my heart along with it
and the shadows of my soul reflect within their menagerie
and illuminate the movie screen of our lives
where some god watches us play out this drama
yet does nothing to relieve the pain
that consumes the set where our world is captured
and threatens to crush the love of many years.

Halsteads Horrific PoemsHalsteads Horrific Poems
One of my friends has put together this unique collection of horror imagery, sound and poetry. Check out his work on his MySpace page, or get the CD. (Horror poems, horror poetry, whatever you call it, it is art and horror.)

Horror music and poetry for Halloween, the dead, the damned and the gothic and for anytime your feeling evil. In independent studies 95% of all goblins, ghouls, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and monsters say they prefer the sound of Halstead's Horrific Poems.

Halsteads Horrific Poems MySpace page -
Buy the Halsteads Horrific Poems CD -

Oh yeah life goes on, and the rest of that little ditty
This is one of those things about which I have no idea what to say, but I feel like I should say something. On June 4th, 2007, my wife Rachel (aka Bunnie) left me while I was out of town on a business trip - she trashed my house and took a ton of my stuff. At GenCon, August 16th, and thereabouts, she showed up at the convention with another dude. I love my now-estranged wife, and I had hoped that her repeated statements that we could work things out might mean something, but time seems to suggest that working things out is not what she has in mind. I feel like I need to say something on my site, to offset the "now" element of the pages that talk about us.

Barack Obama in Atlanta
Barack Obama 2008Saturday, April 14th, 2007: I wen
t this morning to see Barack Obama speak at Yellow Jacket Park on the Georgia Tech campus here in Atlanta, Georgia. A friend of mine told me that he was speaking, and initially I thought that she meant the town meeting thing I read about on She quickly made me understand he was speaking in person, right here in Atlanta. I had just recently watched his appearance on the Letterman show, so the opportunity to see Obama speak in person seemed pretty cool. Unfortunately, it meant getting up at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday, so I could take the MARTA (Atlanta's answer to the "subway") and then swap to a GA Tech shuttle and still make it there by 10 a.m. I stay up late a lot, writing on freelancer projects, but luckily I also get up early to take my wife's little one to pre-K. Anyway, I dragged my tired butt down to the MARTA station, and took a train to the Midtown station, and eventually a shuttle arrived. The shuttle's late arrival was its own funny story, but maybe I'll tell that another time. Anyway, I eventually reached this Yellow Jacket Park, where I had never been before, and the crowd was huge. Reportedly it was 20,000 strong. Luckily the stage was high enough that you could see the Senator over other people's heads, even from pretty far back, if you craned your head a bit and, if you are relatively short like me, stood on your toes a little.

Reverend Joseph Lowery, famous civil rights leader and Martin Luther King's "main man" (as the announcer put it), started off with an prayer/speech. I had never seen Lowery in person either, and I thought his prayer speech was pretty cool even if I remain agnostic-aspiring-to-be-ethicist in my personal beliefs. With Lowery, and the national anthem, and some pre-speech Democratic rally talk, Barack Obama didn't hit the stage until shortly before noon. He spoke for 36 minutes (according to news sources, I lost track of time when he was talking, personally), and was charismatic, energetic, intelligent and inspirational. Even as tired as I was, I woke right up and felt the spirit of the whole event. I was reminded of footage of JFK speaking, but more relevant to my personal lifetime. Hopefully they will post footage of his speech soon, somewhere legit, on the net. If/when they do, I'll try to get a link to it posted here. Meanwhile, you can read this story about it in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Also, Obama has a MySpace page set up, and you can add him as a MySpace friend, or watch some videos of some of his speeches there. Channel 11 had a news story about Obama's appearance as well. There is a short clip of his speech included with pictures of the event on Barack Obama's Atlanta Recap page.

Conrad's Wiki
I've set up a limited Wiki for my home RPG troupe's games. The folks I game with every weekend are joining me in posting various stuff about our ongoing chronicles. You can see it here: Conrad's Wiki.

The Art of Melvin Davis
One of my friends does a lot of artwork, some of it for our games and some of it just for his own amusement. I've been putting together a Gallery of work he has done for the Hundred Kingdoms and chronicle. In recent months he has done some concept drawings for the Far Shores chronicle. He's working on his own web page,, so you can see more of his work there. Anyway, his Far Shores pictures... Wanna see them? Check them out here >>>>>

Exalted Calendar PDF
I have updated my old idea for the Exalted calendar with a new concept. Download my NEW Calendar - OLD Calendar
The Last Spell
Material I wrote which was cut from the World of Darkness title Second Sight
. Somehow, the title ended up on the Merit list in that book, even though the Merit itself was cut from the final draft. The Last Spell

Tinkering with Artifacts: Lightning Torment Hatchets
Recently, one of the characters in my Far Shores Dragon-Blooded chronicle came into possession of a pair of Lightning Torment Hatchets. These are standard, by the book items found in Exalted. I tinkered with them just a little though, and thought others might appreciate the change. I made the hatchets be composed of blue jade chased with moonsilver designs. Blue jade seems more fitting for an item which is invoking lightning, and it gave the item a different feel without doing anything that required rules changes.

My Theory about House V'neef .
Thus far, this isn't any sort of official thought on the matter, but it's my view of House V'neef for those Exalted fans that might care (especially you Dragon-Blooded fans). V'neef Origin

Another Anti-Abuse Group
I try to post links to anti-abuse groups when I find ones that seem useful to people. One I discovered recently that doesn't apply to me but I think could help a lot of young people is T.E.A.R. (Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships)

25 Hours in a Day
Exalted authors often mention 24 hours as a time period for durations and activities, giving the impression that there are 24 hours in a day. A few years ago, when he was still in Atlanta, I believe, I mentioned the idea that I thought Exalted should have 25 hour days to Grabowski. As I recall he chuckled and said he liked it, but I never saw it in print. Nonetheless, my game has used 25 hour days ever since I first mentioned this to the early game developer. If you check the Autochthonians book, you might see that my theory may have come to be after all. Page 24 (funny that page number) of the Autochthonians book does ascribe a 25 hour day to the artificial machine world of the Autochthonians, although it has never been explicitly assigned to Creation. I would argue that the fact that the Autochthonian calendar seems to remain in sync with the 4,878 years since they departed creation suggests that Creation must also have a 25 hour day, or the 4,878 years of Autochthonian history would represent about 5,077 of Creation's years. Of course some Storytellers may prefer those lost two centuries to be somehow possible. [Longterm Location for this Article]

Weekend Games
My home troupe is currently playing two different games on a weekly basis. Friday's game, Far Shores is a Dragon-Blooded chronicle set in White Wolf's epic anime world of Exalted. And Sunday? Well Sunday is not as stable. We tend to play different things for a few weeks at a time.

The Malfean Theory
Just a whacky little unofficial theory of mine as to why the Malfeans are called thus, despite Malfeas being a Yozi.

Sleepless Worker
A new Artifact for Exalted. The ultimate way to free up your Twilight, or any Exalted craftsman for that matter, and still have time to adventure with everyone else: the Sleepless Worker.

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