FORAY Roleplaying Journal
by Conrad Hubbard

For Immediate Release... January 11, 1999

                Contact:  Aldyth Beltane
                Public Relations Manager, Precedence
                Phone/Fax: 650-359-8682
                Precedence Corporate Office: 602-894-1812


(Tempe, Arizona)  "Fortune Teller will reach a new market that has not been served by the
gaming industry before," declared Paul W. Brown III, Precedence Entertainment's CEO.  "Fortune
Teller is a fresh take on a classic game that will engage the imaginations of girls on many
levels, in both group and solo play."

Fortune Teller combines two classic elements of play.  The first is a colorfully designed
variation of the schoolyard device of "finger fortunes," or "cootie catchers," an oracle of
folded paper inscribed with answers to questions and secret messages.  In Fortune Teller, these
Folding Oracles are divided into four categories for specific types of questions: Love,
Destiny, Career and Wealth.  The second element of Fortune Teller is oversized Legend Cards,
which contain descriptions of persons, fates or events with an illustrative story featuring the
character Syrena the Mystic, and highlighting the card's meaning.  The Legend Cards can be
combined in a myriad variety to tell different stories.  Groups of players can work together as
well to create interactive stories and share the various aspects of the cards' meanings.

The Folding Oracles and Legend Cards are beautifully painted and feature the work of nationally
acclaimed illustrators LA Leis and Therese Neilson.

There are 40 Legends Cards of two levels of rarity, and 36 Folding Oracles.  Fortune Teller is
sold in Game Packs of one Folding Oracle and three Legend Cards for $2.99. 

Fortune Teller will be released in February of 1999, to coincide with its showroom debut at the
Toy Fair in New York City.  The final product will be on display at the Precedence showroom
located at 200 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1410, in New York, and at Javits Center booth #G533 from the
opening of the Toy Fair through February 15th.

"Our goal is to produce games that everyone can enjoy, on a variety of levels," said Brown.
"With the addition of Fortune Teller to our roster of fine family games, I believe we have done
just that."  With Fortune Teller, the player doesn't pretend to view glimpses of the future,
she learns how to create it for herself.

Precedence Entertainment produces the Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game, the StarLink telephone
service, and publishes books in the IMMORTAL universe.

Babylon 5 TM & Copyright 1998 Warner Bros.  Fortune Teller is produced under exclusive license
to Precedence Entertainment.  All other  trademarks are owned by their respective holders.

              For Immediate Release, January 14, 1999

        Contact:        Aldyth Beltane
                        Public Relations Manager, Precedence 
                        Phone/Fax: 650-359-8682
                        Precedence Corporate Office: 602-894-1812

Due to a printing error, page 53 of the rulebook for the Great War Expansion Set for the
Babylon 5 CollectibleCard Game was not included in the initial printing.  Printed below are the
Faction rules in their entirety, including the missing page 53 of the Great War Rulebook.
Please pass this information on to concerned players, retailers, or collectors until we can
correct the misprinting.   Additionally, Precedence will be distributing adhesive stickers
which will be made available at retail outlets worldwide to give to purchasers of the Great War
starter sets.  This sticker will correct the rulebook by providing the missing rule page when
inserted in the appropriate place.  The missing rules information will also be available in
forthcoming issues of major magazines, on our web page at , or by calling Precedence toll free at 1-888-256-4955
in the USA, 1-602-449-0928 elsewhere, or sending an S.A.S.E.  to Precedence Entertainment,
Great War Rulebook, P.O. Box 28397, Tempe, AZ 85285. 

Here Follows the mssing page 53.

The League of Non-Aligned Worlds

The Great War introduces the League of Non-Aligned Worlds as a new faction for the Babylon 5
CCG. For most purposes, it is treated just like any other race. Exceptions and highlights will
be noted here.

The League is the fifth "standard" player race. Cards loyal to this race are designated as "Non
Aligned". The League represents a diverse collection of starfaring species, each with its own
needs, drives, governments and goals. Many Non-Aligned characters list a Species to which they
belong as well as their race. Some of the species in the Non-Aligned worlds include the Drazi,
the Pak'ma'ra, the Vree and the Gaim.

The terms species and race are not interchangeable. No matter their species, any "Non-Aligned
Character" is a member of the Non-Aligned race.

As an emerging leader in the League, you will lead your species first to preeminence among the
"lesser" powers of the League. Then, you will forcibly carve the League a place among the
greatest powers of the galaxy, whether by diplomacy, intrigue, military might, or by applying
the special advantages conferred by your faction. This will not be an easy task, as the League
starts at a disadvantage compared to the current galactic powers, and none of the major races
are eager to surrender their place to "upstarts". But it is time for the declining powers to
move aside, and make way for your young and vital species!

Unlike the other standard races, there is no single "ambassador" for the League. Each species
has their own representative to the rest of the League. Therefore, a Non-Aligned player does
not have any single specific starting ambassador. Instead, the player chooses a character
listed as an ambassador for one of the Non-Aligned species, and that character becomes his
starting ambassador for play.

In addition, due to the diversity of the Non-Aligned Worlds, a Non-Aligned player begins with a
second species ambassador in play in his Inner Circle. However, due to the fragmented nature of
the League, Non-Aligned unrest begins at 2, rather than 1. The additional starting character
does not count against the 3 additional cards a player selects for his opening hand, and does
not count as the sole character allowed in the opening hand.

Setup for multiple Non-Aligned factions
If there is more than one Non-Aligned player, each player in turn chooses a starting
ambassador. Then, in reverse order, players choose their second starting character. After this
is done, the Non-Aligned players choose the remaining 3 cards for their opening hand.

A Non-Aligned ambassador's assistant can provide the ambassador's assistant bonus to any
species' ambassador, but only within the same faction.

Species' Ambassador versus Faction Ambassador Ambassador, in the card text, is a specific game
term which refers to the leader of a faction. There will usually be more than one
Non-Aligned character in play who is labeled as an ambassador for a species. Cards which refer
to an ambassador apply to a FACTION'S ambassador only, not to Non-Aligned characters who happen
to be the ambassador for a species. Think of the faction ambassador as the spokesman for the
rest of the faction. For example, the conflict Psi Attack cannot target an ambassador. If a
faction's ambassador is She'lar then She'lar cannot be targeted.  But, Vlur/Nhar, who was that
faction's second starting character is still a valid target despite having the title "Pak'ma'ra

The League, at the time Babylon 5 begins operations, is divided and relatively weak. Tensions
between the League and all major races begin at 2. Many league races are predisposed to favor
the Humans, who aided the League in the Dilgar war, and others fear the aggressively
expansionist Narn. The Centauri are viewed with disfavor, as the declining Centauri Republic
once dominated many of the now-independent Non-Aligned worlds.  The Minbari have often been
isolationist, and little is known of their true goals. Still, though these sentiments are
common, there is no real consensus among the many species of the League. The Humans have
setbacks, and some resent the parental attitude they take toward the League worlds... and the
growing anti-alien sentiment expressed by some members of the Earth Alliance government. And
though the League has no goodwill toward the other major races, they are not individually
prepared to defend themselves against an aggressive major star power.  It will be the task of
any Non-Aligned player to change the current state of affairs, to unite the League, and to
choose who will be a friend and who an enemy to the united strength of the League worlds.

The League as a whole has one vote on the Babylon 5 council, which can only be cast to break a
tie. If the voting is ever tied after the five races (including the Vorlons) have cast their
votes or abstained, the League vote must be called. Each player casts one vote for each
Non-Aligned character in their faction who is a 'Species Ambassador'. If the vote is a tie, the
League abstains. Otherwise, the League vote is cast in accordance with the majority vote of the
species' ambassadors.

Starting Ambassador - Any 1 "Species' Ambassador".
Additional Starting Inner Circle character - Any 1 "Species'
          Ambassador" not chosen as a Starting Ambassador.
Opening Hand - Standard 3 cards + Starting Ambassador, and 1
          additional starting (Inner Circle) character.
Total opening hand size - 5 cards.
Starting Unrest - 2.
Starting Tensions - 2 toward each other race.
Voting - Tiebreaking vote only, requires League vote.


(Tempe, Arizona)  Precedence Entertainment is pleased to inform loyal players and fans of the
Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game that UPC symbols from the two player Narn Vs Centauri, and
Earth Vs Minbari starter sets will be accepted in their special mail in redemption offer.  The
mail-in offer, announced six months ago, and printed on the backs of Great War booster packs,
offered players who had bought starter sets for the four original factions, plus the two new
decks introduced in the Great War, The Non-Aligned Worlds, and Opposing Factions, as well as
wrappers from six Great War booster packs, the chance to mail the UPC symbols from the
purchases in to Precedence, to redeem a special limited edition card, "Charting The Course".

Since the two player sets were not specifically mentioned in the original offer, some fans and
dealers were unsure if these sets would be included in the offer.  Precedence clarifies without
delay that these sets, as official starters, will be accepted for the redemption. 

Any additional questions can be answered by calling the Corporate office at 602-894-1812, or
the Public Relations department at the contact numbers listed above.  UPC symbols and wrappers
can be sent to Precedence Entertainment, "Great War Redemption Offer"  P.O. Box 28397, Tempe,
Arizona, 85285.

Babylon 5 TM & C Warner Bros.  All other trademarks are owned by their respective holders.

                For Immediate Release, January 25, 1999

        Contact:        Aldyth Beltane
                        Public Relations Manager, Precedence 
                        Phone/Fax: 650-359-8682
                        Precedence Corporate Office: 602-894-1812


(Tempe, Arizona)   "Get The Best Of Bester" is Precedence Entertainment's most spectacular
consumer promotion to date.  The contest, to support the Psi Corps Expansion Set for their
internationally popular Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game, challenges fans to prove their
"psychic prowess" by finding five "golden" prize certificates, randomly inserted into Psi Corps
booster packs.  The cards feature the character of Albert Bester, the dreaded Psi Cop who
cannot fail to strike fear into the heart of anyone on Babylon 5.   Each certificate is
tailored to the theme of the featured factions from the television series.  The Minbari prize
is a Masterpiece Collection set, the Narn offer a signed and framed photograph of most of the
Babylon 5 cast members.  From the non-aligned races comes a copy of the B5 script introducing
Bester, signed by Walter Koenig who portrays Bester in the show.  Naturally, the Centauri prize
is a B5 script featuring Emperor Mollari and signed by Peter Jurasik, who portrays Mollari. The
Grand Prize, from the Earth faction, is a trip for two to GenCon, including an invitation to
party with Precedence, and Bester actor Walter Koenig himself.  Additionally, each winner will
receive a box of Psi Corps boosters, and other special Babylon 5 prizes!

"The Psi Corps Expansion Set is Precedence Entertainment's most groundbreaking addition to the
Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game," stated CEO Paul W. Brown III.  " It will be the ultimate mind
game,  including such new features as Conspiracy Marks, which will introduce a whole new level
of strategy into game play." 

Scheduled for April release, the Psi Corps set will contain 150 new booster cards.  Psi Corps
starter decks will also contain 50 fixed commons and 10 randomly inserted uncommon and rare
cards, and will retail for $9.99.  Booster packs will contain one rare, two uncommon, and five
common cards, retailing for $1.99 per pack.

With the Psi Corps Expansion Set all of the aspects of the Psi Corps, and their impact upon the
people of Babylon 5 are reflected.   The "Get The Best Of Bester" contest will encourage fans
to be a part of that world themselves.

Precedence Entertainment produces the Babylon 5 Collectible Card Games, the StarLink telephone
service, the Fortune Teller Game, and publishes books in the IMMORTAL universe.

Babylon 5 TM & C Warner Bros.  All other trademarks are owned by their respective holders.

                For Immediate Release, February 1, 1999

        Contact:        Aldyth Beltane
                        Public Relations Manager, Precedence 
                        Phone/Fax: 650-359-8682
                        Precedence Corporate Office: 602-894-1812


(Tempe, Arizona) "1998 was a year of triple digit growth for Precedence, much of it spurred on
by the broad based international success of our Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game," reports
Precedence Entertainment CEO Paul W. Brown III.  This growth has prompted further additions and
promotions within the Precedence management team.

Industry veteran Jim Ward has joined Precedence as the new Director of Product Development.
With him comes the mandate and the experience to lead Precedence to the very top of the charts
as a world leader in games and entertainment.  Ward, a 20 year veteran of TSR and formerly in
charge of all product development at TSR stated that he was "Very pleased to be getting in on
the first floor of the game industry's next big success story". Of Ward, Brown stated, "One of
our most important priorities for 1999 is to better serve the channel with rock-solid timely
delivery of product to market.  Jim Ward is a tremendous addition to the Precedence management
team, who will be very instrumental in achieving that goal."  Ward can be reached via e-mail at

At the same time, long-term Precedence executives have earned promotions
within the company.  Veteran developer Dave Hewitt has been promoted to the position of Chief
Financial Officer.  Dave will continue to share his talent and expertise with the game
development team.  Greg Roche' has been named Director of Sales and Marketing.

Precedence Entertainment, a leading producer of collectible games, makes
the Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game, Fortune Teller, and the IMMORTAL role playing game.  With
the addition of Ward, the company expects to further expand its lines in 1999 with major new
product introductions in both the card and role-playing game segments.  The company will unveil
its complete 1999 product plans for the benefit of key retail and distribution partners at the
Game Manufacturer's Association (GAMA) trade show in Las Vegas, March 23-25.

Babylon 5 ( & ( 1999 Warner Bros.  All other trademarks are owned by their respective holders.

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