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Babylon 5 card game explodes into
"The Great War"

Tempe, AZ - This October, fans of the ultra-hot Babylon 5 Collectible Card game and the TNT television series of the same name, will take their seats at the helm of the galaxy's most spectacular shooting war.  The Great War,  the most ambitious expansion to the Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game  ("B5 CCG") yet announced, will focus on the planet destroying conflict between the galaxies two oldest races, the Shadows and Vorlons.  This penultimate battle between diametrically opposed elder races, each billions of years old,  marks the fiery pinnacle of the show's timeline during seasons 3 and the opening months of season 4.   Mirroring the intensity of the show, the Great War expansion will unleash a maelstrom of the galaxy's most 
powerful characters, ships and strategic options to set off a nova of excitement wherever Babylon 5 fans and game enthusiasts may gather. 

White hot cards planned for the Great War include the Galaxy's oldest living being, "Lorien",  literally "The First One", along with potent new versions of Commander John Sheridan ("Sheridan Reborn") and Ambassador G'kar ("G'kar Enlightened").  Still for many fans the real set highlight is destined to be the flotilla of new military hardware,  from enhancements for existing fleets to new ships and fleet types previously unknown to the game.  High on the list of instant fan favorites: the "Black Omega Squadron" and Vorlon "Planet Killer" cards.  Last but not least, the Great War will debut a whole new class of cards called "contingencies" which add greater depth to the tactics employed in military attacks and other actions. 

"This is the part of the series where the show's most important characters are cast into the fire and are forged anew with the strength to face their ultimate challenges", commented Precedence President Paul Brown III.  "Sheridan returns from Z'ha'dum having passed through death itself, reborn with a new feeling of power and purpose.  Likewise G'Kar experiences a vision that forever transforms his view of the Narn race and their struggle for freedom and independence.  It is with a sense of awe that we are approaching the adaptation of such intense personal drama into game terms that will do justice to the series and allow players to participate in the Babylon 5 universe at its deepest levels." 

In what has become a favorite trademark of the B5 CCG, as a bonus to 
Precedence players and collectors, Precedence regularly includes limited numbers of cards in each new card set that have been personally autographed by a pivotal member of the series' cast.  For the Great War, actor Peter Jurasik (better known as "Londo Mollari") has agreed to sign cards that will be randomly inserted into booster packs in an expected average ratio of one per case of boosters.  The signed Londo card follows on the heals of highly sought after cards signed by Mira Furlan 
("Delenn"), Ed Wasser ("Morden"), and Claudia Christian ("Susan Ivonova") for previous and soon forthcoming releases of the game.   Going even further to reward its fan and player base, Precedence will also include with this set a specially wrapped exclusive game card affixed to every full display box of Great War booster packs. 

"For some months now, Babylon 5 has been one of the best selling and most played  hobby card games in every country where the game is sold; particularly in North America, the UK and as far abroad as Australia.  The enthusiasm and support of the fans has been overwhelming," stated Brown. "We're most proud of the game's reputation for being true to the show. When your die- hard players even include people who have written for the actual series, like Babylon 5's original executive story editor Larry Ditillio, you know you're doing something right. 

Incredibly, we feel certain that this new set will be even MORE popular with the fan base, it reaches right into the blazing heart of the series and puts all of that action and excitement right into your hands.  While the original core set of cards was diplomatically themed, and "The Shadows" was steeped in intrigue, the Great War expansion definitely puts the military and combat aspects of the game on center stage.  Simply put, there is going to be some serious butt kicking going on as soon as this set comes out!" 

Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game: The Great War expansion is a 350 card set scheduled to release in October of `98. It will be sold as two new decks, each containing 60 cards, at a suggested retail price of $8.95; and as 10 card booster packs priced at $2.49.  Each of the two new decks ("Home Factions" and "The Non-Aligned Worlds") contains a useful sheet of "Mark" counters along with fully revised and updated 
rules for any number of players.  "Home Factions" is a supplement deck containing, among other cards, alternate faction leaders for each of the game's original four player races. It upgrades each of the 4 Premier Edition starter decks to be playable as homeworld based factions. 
"Non-Aligned Worlds" is a self-contained starter deck that puts players in charge of a new faction comprised of several unique new races. 

(Precedence is a leading producer of customizable and collectible games, including card games, role playing games and other unique collectibles. The company was formed in 1993 by Paul W. 
Brown III as the publishing arm of veteran multi-player game producer, Reality Simulations, Inc. Products published by Precedence include the critically acclaimed IMMORTAL line of Role-Playing game books and the Fortune Teller line of children's collectibles.  More information 
about Precedence and its parent company RSI are available on the world wide web at and 

Babylon 5 TM & (c) 1998, Warner Bros. 

Precedence  Announces Gencon Releases

Tempe, AZ - Precedence Entertainment, makers of the best-selling Babylon 5 Collectible card game,  today announced a revised Summer and Fall release schedule.  In response to the popularity of the B5 CCG, which has consistently sold near the top of the hobby game charts since its release in late December, the revised schedule adds more depth to the B5 CCG line by scheduling several additional new releases to support it.  At the same time Precedence is announcing a new title for its acclaimed IMMORTAL Role-Playing Game book series, and an innovative new line, Fortune Teller collectibles, aimed at broadening the appeal of collectible games to a younger audience of children ages 5 and up. 

"The `Shadows' expansion to the B5 CCG, which shipped to distributors June 1, is already 70% sold out.  We don't expect supplies to last for any length of time," stated Precedence President Paul Brown III.  "It's obvious we've got a tiger by the tail.  With our collector and player base growing so rapidly we need to expand our support for the product line accordingly.  At the same time the success of B5 has put Precedence in an ideal position to start developing a broader market for collectable games.  Our new Fortune Teller line will do just that by appealing to an entirely different customer base, pre-teen girls and boys. 

Upcoming  Precedence  Releases: 

Fortune Teller, Collectable Novelty Game, Gemstone Edition --  August 1998. 

A classic toy made into a beautiful collectible.  Every child has enjoyed playing with "finger fortunes" or "cootie catchers".  Now a premium version of the classic fortune telling game, with awesome graphics, insightful fortunes and helpful, fun advice takes the game's appeal to new heights for an intended core audience of boys and girls ages 5 to 13.  Collectable Legend cards included with each folding Fortune Teller enhance value even further and provide an exciting new level of game play.  Players ask one of the mystical four elements on each Fortune Teller a yes or no question to obtain their fortune and advice.  Consulting the Legend cards can provide 
additional answers. 

This first-ever limited edition (Gemstone) features 36 collectible versions of the folding Fortune Teller, each with unique fortunes and advice, and 36 collectible Legends cards in two levels of rarity (rare and common).  New Limited Edition card series' will be released with each publication.  Fortune Teller is available in two different configurations.  24 count Point-of-Purchase boxes display 24 individual games each containing 1 folding Fortune Teller and 3 Legend Cards for a suggested retail price of $3.99 per game.  48 count boxes of the larger hangable j-peg version house individual games containing 2 folding Fortune Tellers and 4 Legend Cards at a $4.99 suggested price. 

Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game: Deluxe Edition --  August 1998 

Deluxe Edition Booster packs provide fully revised and improved versions of the core set of cards originally offered in Premier Edition booster packs of the B5 CCG.  Each card has been carefully reviewed for clarity of effect and play balance, while the artwork has been enhanced throughout the set.  As a special bonus to collectors, Babylon 5 actress Claudia Christian ("Commander Susan Ivonova" in the TV series) has agreed to autograph a limited number of cards bearing her likeness which will be randomly inserted into deluxe boosters in an anticipated ratio of approximately one card per case. As a further bonus to display box purchasers, an exclusive bonus card (not found in the regular set) will be individually wrapped and provided with each display box.  Deluxe Boosters carry a suggested retail price of $1.95 and contain 8 cards per pack (1 rare, 2 uncommon, 5 common).  Display boxes contain 24 packs each (SRP $46.80 per box) plus 1 individually wrapped bonus card. 

The Official Guide to the Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game -- August 1998 

The ultimate reference to B5 CCG cards, rules and game play strategy.  This 200+ page book will feature a number of full color plates and will include: fully revised and annotated rules, strategy tips, clarifications and official rulings on card play, killer combos, deck construction notes and the text of all cards through "The Shadows" expansion set.  SRP 19.99. 

Immortal Role Playing Game: Pride Peri Source Book -- August 1998 

The long awaited new source book for the Immortal RPG.  At 96 pages, this Pride source book provides complete details of  the Immortal Peri.  Known as "The Children of War," the Peri are living weapons who have shaped history in the guise of such names as "Excalibur" (the sword wielded by Arthur) and "Mjolnir" (the hammer of Thor).  Unknown to the world above, the Peri rule a vast underground empire. The contents of  the Pride Peri source book follows in the tradition of prior Pride book releases.  SRP 14.95. 

Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game: The Great War -- October 1998 

"It's like two giants fighting in a sandbox. They don't even care who's getting stepped on anymore." - Commander Ivanova, speaking to John Sheridan about the war between Shadows and Vorlons. 

The climactic war between the galaxy's two most ancient and powerful races will soon rage across the galaxy.  Guess who's caught in the middle?  Now the young races (the players) must choose a side or find their own path to victory in a galaxy where the glare of beam weapons has all but dispelled the subtle shades of politics. 

The Great War expansion set will feature 350 all new cards for the Babylon 5 collectible card game sold in 60 card starter decks and 10 card booster packs.  Two new pre-constructed starter decks ("Home Factions" and "The Non-Aligned Worlds") will be offered at a suggested retail price of $8.95 each.  Six decks (three of each type) will be packed per display box (SRP $53.70).  As with Premier Edition starter decks, 50 cards in each Great War deck will be "fixed" cards found only in a deck of that type.  The remaining 10 cards will consist of a random assortment of rare (2) and uncommon (8) cards inserted to make each deck unique. Great War booster packs carry a suggested retail price of $2.49 and contain a random assortment of 2 rare, 2 uncommon, and 6 booster common cards per pack.  Great War booster display boxes contain 20 booster packs each, plus one individually wrapped exclusive bonus card not otherwise found in the set, for a suggested retail price of $49.50.  An undisclosed number of cards autographed by actor 
Peter Jurasik ("Londo Mollari") will be randomly inserted into Great War booster packs. 

(Precedence is a leading producer of customizable and collectible games, including card games, role playing games and other unique collectibles. The company was formed in 1993 by Paul W. Brown III as the publishing arm of veteran multi-player game producer, Reality Simulations, Inc.  Products published by Precedence include the critically acclaimed IMMORTAL line of Role-Playing game books and the Fortune Teller line of children's collectibles.  More information about Precedence and its parent company RSI are available on the world wide web at and 

Babylon 5 TM & (c) 1998, Warner Bros. 

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