Links to Charity

So you might be in the same position I used to be. Maybe you still have to use one of those free internet site hosts that requires that you let them post ads on your site. You do it, considering it fair trade for what they let you do. Try thinking the same way about the World in which we live. We all owe it to everyone we love to do at least a little something to make it better. Put a link to some charities on your website. Think of it as a free ad for someone who is helping out others. Please link to at least one charity, even if it isn't one of those below . . .

The Red Cross Habit for Humanity International
United Way International Meals on Wheels
Goodwill Industries Hands On Atlanta
Amnesty International Alcoholics Anonymous
Volunteers of America Corporation for National Service

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

The internet is made of links — it is important for us all to promote
those parts of the internet that matter most to us by linking to them

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